Justice League: Superman Premium Shipping Carton

Justice League: Superman Premium Shipping Carton
Item# justice-league-superman-premium-shipping-carton

Product Description:

Justice League: Superman Premium Figure & Cereal Shipping Carton. This is a very rare shipping carton that held 6 special edition 'Pebbels' cereal packs which featured a Superman boxed premium figure. (Available separtely) Box came with 6 2-Packs of cereal. 1 box of Cocoa pebbels and 1 box of Fruity Pebbels and a boxed Superman Figure which were all shrunk wrapped together. The box has the back panel cut away as it was placed on a shelve with the boxes inside exposed. Other 5 sides are still sealed and intact so you can place against a wall and noone will ever know it is opened! Very few collectors knew about this promotion and even fewer knew about this box! Only 2 are available so get them while you can!! Box measures 20" x 11.5" x 13.5". Shows all 7 JL members on box and advertises the 'Free Figure' inside. Superman was the only figure done in this promotion!

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