Origins of Superman Wayne Boring Strip 1958

Origins of Superman Wayne Boring Strip 1958
Item# origins-of-superman-wayne-boring-strip-1958

Product Description:

This is an Original 7-13-1958 Superman Full Color Newspaper Strip by Wayne Boring. It has been neatly trimmed from the newspaper and stored all these years! It is in excellent condition and vivid colors. It is the 'Origin Of Superman' where Baby Kal-El is rocketed to the planet Earth, etc. etc. It is copyrighted by 'Superman Inc' and printed by the McClure Syndicate. Dated 7-13, 1958. Strip # 976. Ironically it has no mention of creators Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster as they were not employed by 'DC Comics' at the time. So this is truly a RARE piece of Superman History! Measures approx 14"x7". There can't be many of these still in existance?! From the Archives of the Cleveland Collection.

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