Superman II Original Campaign Guide Set

Superman II Original Campaign Guide Set
Item# superman-ii-original-campaign-guide-set

Product Description:

This is an Original Set of 4 Campaign Guides for Superman II. It is guides #2,3,4,5. Each one is different and shows all the available ads that theaters could use to promote the film. Each ad has the ad number, colums, sizes, etc. Some has Superman flying with the flag which was to be released for 4th of July. One has him and the 3 villains, etc. Each one is 8 pages and measures 25" x 19". Nice heavy glossy paper and all are still factory stapled. To find one of these in any shape is very rare let alone to find 4 of the 5 is impossible! Stored in cool, dry smoke free storage. A rare set of item from the Christopher Reeve Superman films you will probably never see again! From the archives of the Cleveland Collection.

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