Superman Original Newspaper Strip June 4 1941

Superman Original Newspaper Strip June 4 1941
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This is an ORIGINAL Near Mint full page newspaper section from the June 4th, 1941 DETROIT NEWS. It features and early Superman strip by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster as well as many other comic strips that were popular at that time which may include: Stony Craig, Girls, The Nebbs, The Bungle Family, Railroad Red Napolean & Uncle Elby, Around Our Town Chief Wahoo, etc.. It is almost as good shape as the day it was on the stands! It has been in dry smoke free storage all these years. Also features other news of the time as well on both sides. A truely RARE piece of Superman History here! Not many of these papers were probably ever saved let alone saved in this condition! Frame it up and show it off! 70 Years Old!!! From the Archives of the Cleveland Collection. May vary slightly from paper shown as we have several of these old papers available from different dates in June, 1941 all in same condition from same collection. Ships rolled.